Coopetition: Winning Strategies for the XXI Century

Winning Strategies for the 21st Century
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK (2010)
Edited by Saïd Yami, Sandro Castaldo, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, and Frédéric Le Roy

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‘This book provides a diverse set of perspectives on the topic.
It is very useful reading for anyone interested in understanding
coopetition in multiple contexts.’
– Devi R. Gnyawali, Virginia Tech, US

As an original strategic management perspective, coopetition has hitherto been underexploited in analysing contemporary firm strategies and behaviours and, more generally, managerial practices and processes. This innovative book provides both theoretical insights and empirical evidence on coopetition.
Coopetition shows great interpretive and normative potential and is likely to be an increasingly important tool. This book is one of the first key contributions in shaping and systematizing a novel coopetition agenda in the field of strategy. The book argues that coopetition is neither an extension of competition theory, nor an extension of cooperative theory. It is in fact a specific and distinctive research object, which calls for dedicated theoretical investigation to develop questions for theory, method, and managerial practice.
This book provides both practitioners and academic scholars with a milestone that brings together an active community of researchers expressly mobilized around the creative in-depth scrutiny of coopetition. It will greatly appeal to researchers, scholars, and graduate students of management, business strategy competitive dynamics, and international business, as well as practitioners such as managers and consultants.

Contributors: F. Ancarani, P. Baumard, M. Bengtsson, S. Castaldo, M. Costabile, W. Czakon, G.B. Dagnino, C. Depeyre, H. Dumez, J. Eriksson, P.-E. Eriksson, M. Galvagno, F. Garraffo, M. Grosso, P. Guillotreau, T. Herzog, F. Le Roy, M. Mariani, G. Möllering, O. Pesämaa, P. Roy, J. Wincent, S. Yami, F. Zerbini