2012 SMS Singapore Conference

SMS Special Conference Singapore – June 7-9, 2012
Globalisation of Innovation Strategies: Novel Moves for a Global Game

(1) Paper Presentation

“The Anchor Firm as a Strategic Orchestrator:
Evidence from the Nanotech Clusters of Catania and Grenoble”

Maria Cristina Cinici, University of Messina
Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania
Rosario Faraci, University of Catania

Session 3: Innovation in Local Context
Friday, June 8 2012
Time: 16.45-18.00
Room: Orchid 4201B, Marina Bay Sands
Chair: Asda Chintakananda, Nanyang Technological University

To what extent do anchor firms benefit from taking part into the orchestration of hi-tech clusters? On the ground of a phenomenon-based investigation design, we address the research question above by analyzing two illustrative European cases (i.e.; the nanotech clusters of Catania, Italy, and Grenoble, France). As a result of this comparison, we explain why the same MNE can be conceived as the two clusters’ anchor firm even playing different functions, and cultivating dissimilar strategic orchestration processes and R&D orientations. The paper contributes to the anchor firm and orchestration literatures, as it is able to supply a better explanation of the anchor firms attributes and roles, and to the MNE literature, as it emphasizes that it may exert the role of knowledge attractor in clustered regions. Finally, we argue that the orchestration process for hi-tech clusters development is not always as straightforward and beneficial as previously believed.

(2) Invited Guest

SMS Singapore Faculty Workshop

Gwendolyn Lee, University of Florida

Participanting Panelists:
Jay Barney, Ohio State University
Giovanni Battista Dagnino
University of Catania
Irene Duhaime, Georgia State University
Henrich Greve, INSEAD
Torben Pedersen, Copenhagen Business School
Joseph Porac, New York University
Kuwant Singh, National University of Singapore
Chris Tucci, EPFL Lausanne
Gordon Walker, Southern Methodist University

Thursday, June 7 2012
Time: 9.00-16.00
Location: Singapore Management University

The Strategic Management Society (SMS) is pleased to announce that a Faculty Workshop will be held on June 7, 2012 preceding the SMS Special Conference in Singapore. This workshop will be held on the campus of Singapore Management University. The Faculty Workshop aims to provide a fertile ground for facilitating round-table discussions about the participants’ work-in-progress. The workshop is open to all scholars interested in the field of strategic management. However, because space is limited, priority will be given to scholars from Singapore and other countries in Asia.

Workshop participants will:

  • Receive feedback on current research projects.
  • Gain insight on the publication process in international academic journals.
  • Network with scholars from the region and members of the panel.

PS: This session is by invitation