Giovanni Battista Dagnino

Giovanni Battista Dagnino is Chair of Management and Professor of Digital Strategy at the University of Rome LUMSA - Palermo Campus. In addition, he is Visiting Professor at the University of Mannheim, faculty member of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, Fellow of the Strategic Planning Society in London, and Friend of the European Investment Bank Institute in Luxembourg.


My ultimate intent in teaching is to instill the essential inspiration of going beyond a superficial understanding of the various management problems and strategic issues students have to tackle as part of their coursework.


Service in the University of Rome LUMSA, Academy of Management , Service in the University of Catania, Strategic Management Society, Global Coopetition Research Network


My current research revolves around the advancement of the strategic theory of the firm with specific focus on coopetition strategy dynamics, digital/phygital transformation, the management of temporary advantages, hubris-driven strategies, and the relationships between strategy, governance and entrepreneurship. I have authored/edited some 210 publications;  over 170 academic contributions and 40 op-eds in the economic, financial and managerial press. Further information in Research.

Last Project

PhD Program in Economics and Management University of Catania

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Academy of Management 2016

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