PhD Program in Economics and Management University of Catania

PhD Program in Economics and Management
University of Catania
Department of Economics and Business

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Coordinator: Professor Giovanni Battista Dagnino

We aim to establish the PhD in Economics and Management of the University of Catania among the best European Doctoral Programs in the relevant area.

According to the European declaration of “The Bologna Process 2020”, the PhD vision will be accomplished in two ways:

  • through the dissemination of the PhD students’ investigation outcomes in international and domestic academic conferences, as well as in articles published in leading academic journals;
  • through fostering the placement of those who have obtained the PhD degree in major academic institutions and public and private research centers at the national and international level.


The PhD Program in Economics and Management of the University of Catania aims at attracting participants who truly show towering motivation and high potential to pursue a career in the international academic community or wish to have a professional future in a variety of financial institutions, government agencies, banks and insurances, and knowledge-intensive firms.

The PhD mission is structured along the four key goals that follow:

  • attracting the highly motivated and potentially sound students, especially from the Euro-Mediterranean area, and supporting them in forging and developing new ideas and innovative studies that can contribute to advance our understanding of economics, accounting and management;
  • providing the PhD students with both theoretical knowledge and advanced methodological training that are today essential to envision and disseminate contributions to economic accounting and management and, in turn, to influence economic analysis and forecasts, business practice and decision-making in the public sector;
  • advancing the PhD students’ capabilities to work in team and to become leaders in their discipline, as well as cultivating the knowledge and methodologies required to effectively disseminate the objectives and the outcomes of their research;
  • promoting cooperation with other significant PhD programs both in Europe and worldwide and nurturing a network of connections with PhD students and distinguished academics of other institutions, as well as with business executives operating in the public and private sectors.

Aims of PhD program

In line with the European declaration of “The Bologna Process 2020”, the PhD program in Economics and Management of the University of Catania is designed to meet four basic priorities.

(I) Quality in Research

The first priority is achieving the highest quality in research. This means to that the PhD students and candidates will be expected to able to develop scientific contributions that are both conceptually relevant and empirically sound, as well as to clearly illustrate the extant links between theory and findings.

(II) International span

The second priority is internationalization. Actually, the European declaration of The Bologna Process 2020 calls upon “European higher education institutions to further internationalize their activities and to engage in global collaboration for sustainable development”. In addition, it has been widely demonstrated that establishing international collaborations consistently increases the quality and breadth of research in the fields of the PhD (economics, accounting and management). In this perspective, the PhD students should be encouraged to take an active part in major academic networks and conferences in their field of study and to conduct thigh level academic research at the international level.

(III) Student Mobility

According to European declaration of the Bologna Process 2020, “mobility is important for personal development and employability, it fosters respect for diversity and a capacity to deal with other cultures”. In this perspective, PhD program should offer a network of relation with PhD students and distinguished academics of other institutions and push its students to spend a period, of one year (about 25%) of the PhD program, in other countries. The maximum period a PhD student is allowed to spend abroad is two years.

(IV) Concentration

The Bologna declaration states that PhD programs in Europe are expected offer high quality disciplinary contents and, at the same time, increasingly be complemented by inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral program. In this perspective, the fourth priority is to supply a mix of seminars on broad as well as specific topics in economics, accounting and management fields and, moreover, to promote concentration in research efforts of PhD students in order to achieve top-notch results.