Giovanni Battista Dagnino

Digital, Strategic, Sustainable


University of Rome LUMSA
Digital Strategy and Marketing
in the MSc Program in Economics and Management (since 2018 to date)
Corporate Governance and Sustainable Leadership
in the MSc Program in Economics and Management (since 2016 to date)
Sustainable Platform and Social Media Management
in the MSc Program in Economics and Management (since 2023-24)
“Management Consulting” in the MSc Program in Economics and Management (2020-21 & 2021-22)
“Management” in the Bachelor Program in Economics and Business (until 2019-20)
“Financial Management” in the Bachelor Program in Economics and Business (until 2018-19)

Executive Master in Business Administration 

Units of
Big Data & Digital Transformation (2022, 2023; 2024)
Corporate Governance (2022, 2023; 2024)
Supply Chain Management (2022)

LUMSA Master in Sustainable Development Goals (in English)
Corporate Strategy and Sustainability (since 2021 to date)

LUMSA Master in Fashion and Luxury Management
Marketing e Management nel Settore Fashion & Luxury (2022, 2023, 2024)

LUMSA PhD in Mediterranean Studies. History, Law and Economics
Theorizing Digital Strategy, 2023, 2024
Corporate Governance and Sustainability in Southern Europe, 2022

E-learning Platform Federica University of Naples Federico II
Strategie di Trasformazione Digitale

University of Catania
“Corporate Strategy” in the MSc Program in Corporate Finance and in the MSc Program in Management
“Management of Global Financial Services and Institutions” in the MSc Program in Corporate Finance
“Advanced Topics in Strategic Management” in the PhD Program in Economics and Management
“Research Methods” in the PhD Program in Economics and Management
“Economics and Management of Industrial Districts and Firm Clusters” in the MS Program in International Business of University of Catania and ICE-The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade

University of Messina
“Corporate Portfolio Management” in the PhD Program in Economics, Management and Statistics

University of Mannheim
“Global Strategic Management” in the Mannheim Master in Management
“Corporate Strategy” in the Mannheim Master in Management
“Merger & Acquisitions” in the Mannheim Master in Management
“Organization Theory” in the Mannheim Master in Management
“Organization Design” in the Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Palermo
“Basics in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship” in the MSc in Management Engineering
“Business Economics and Management” in the BS in Business Management

University of Padua
“International Business Strategy” in the MBA for Small & Medium Enterprises

University of Pavia
“Coopetition Strategy” in the EMBA Ticinensis, 2023, 2024

Free University of Bozen/Bolzano
“Corporate Strategy” in the BS Program in Economics and Management

IE Business School Madrid
“Coopetition Strategy” in the MBA curriculum

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth 
“Strategy Implementation: From Strategic Decision Making to Resource Allocation” in the MBA curriculum
“Coopetition Strategy” in the MBA curriculum

Luiss Business School, Rome
“Strategy” in the General Track of the Specialized Masters

Other Executive Education
NH HOTELES Group “Strategy and Management for Tourism”, Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina
TAMA Group/Novatex Lecture “Coopetition Strategy at Tama and Novatex”
National School of Administration of the Italian Government, “Strategies, Models, Tools and Techniques of Cultural and Territorial Marketing”
Luiss Business School, Rome “Cooperative Strategies and Innovation Management”, Master in Open Innovation & Intellectual Property
Luiss Business School, Rome “Coopetition and Blue Ocean Strategies”, XTRA Program – Strategy Education for Executives of SMEs

My ultimate intent in teaching is to instill the essential inspiration of going beyond a superficial understanding of the various management problems and strategic issues students have to tackle as part of their coursework. In this way, I constantly endeavor, on one hand, to develop their capabilities for critical thinking and personal (re)appraisal and, on the other, to cultivate practically impactful problem solving and decision making abilities.

By applying a handful of wealthy instances taken from a variety of sciences (biology, economics, ethology, history, neurology, philosophy, physics, psychology, sociology and others), my intention is to infuse a humanistic view of management. My humanistic view of management deems the students as individuals and groups who bring unique values, goals, interests, and backgrounds, and are inescapably posited at the center of the whole learning experience.

By deploying a balanced mix of teaching methods (e.g., lectures, case based sessions, multimedia interactions, group-work, experiential exercises, and simulations), my purpose is to facilitate students to acquire the set of fundamental learning skills that can last over their life span, thereby preparing them to cope resourcefully with the current fast-changing high-tech society, as well as to make the difference in our knowledge-based and financially driven economy.