Evolutionary Dynamics of Networks

Dagnino, G.B., Levanti, G., and Mocciaro Li Destri, A. (2008). “Evolutionary Dynamics of Inter-firm Networks: A Complex Systems Perspective”.
Advances in Strategic Management, Vol.25, pp.67-129


This paper aims to identify the main determinants that define the architectural properties of network emergence and significantly influence the dynamics underlying network evolution in time. The identification and analysis of these determinants, as well as the dynamic processes tied to them, allows to appreciate the competitive bases and consequences of network morphology. To this purpose, using a complex systems perspective as an integrative conceptual approach, we represent networks as complex dynamic systems of knowledge and capabilities. We perform a comparative in depth analysis of the processes underlying the emergence and evolution of STMicroelectronic’s global network and of Toyota’s supplier network in the US so as to allow an elucidatory empirical assessment of the theoretical representation elaborated in the article.