NEW: Research Handbook on Digital Strategy – Elgar Original Reference


Delighted to share that the Research Handbook on Digital Strategy,
by Edward Elgar Original Reference 2023 has been released for publication!

Research Handbook on Digital Strategy

Research Handbooks in Business and Management series
Edited by
Carmelo Cennamo, Giovanni Battista Dagnino, and Feng ZhuPublication Date: May 2023
ISBN: 978 1 80037 889 6
Extent: 428 pp.
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This state-of-the-art Research Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the key strategic challenges that firms face when dealing with digital markets, platforms, and products and services, from old strategy questions in need of different solutions to entirely novel issues posed by the new competitive digital context.
Bringing together contributions from several international experts in digital strategy, the Research Handbook depicts the contours of the major threads of investigation that shape the digital transformation process at firm, platform, market, and industry levels (excerpt from the handbook’s presentation).

Let me thank wholeheartedly and most sincerely my great co-editors in this endeavor, #CarmeloCennamo and #FengZhu, and each of the other 51 international contributors (sorry not to cite each one of them here, but they are featured one-by-one in the handbook’s relevant web page) for the huge dedication and consistency they have devoted to design, execute and finalize the handbook project.
It has been an immense privilege of mine working with you all!

Let me also share 3 nice endorsements the handbook has lately received:


‘A tour-de-force! The Research Handbook on Digital Strategy offers a tantalizing buffet of rich perspectives. By unpacking how digital strategy is reshaping the fundamental rules of competition and cooperation, the authors provide compelling insights into the next generation of strategies. Highly relevant for firms ranging from established multi-nationals to the newest tech ventures.’
– Kathleen M. Eisenhardt, co-author of Simple Rules and Competing on the Edge, Stanford University, US

‘The era of digital transformation requires an updated examination of strategy fundamentals. The Research Handbook on Digital Strategy presents a timely, thoughtful, and thought-provoking set of studies and perspectives that helps move the conversation forward in meaningful ways. The editors have assembled a robust collection of experts and essays that will deliver valuable insight to every interested reader.’
– Ron Adner, Dartmouth College, US

‘An excellent atlas of digital transformation which enables the reader to appreciate the differences between industrial age and digital age competition. The multilayered and multifaceted nature of big data and digital strategy is explained without clutter by well grounded managerial scholars.’
– David J. Teece, University of California, Berkeley, US

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