Academy of Management 2011

71st Academy of Management Meeting
“West Meets East: Enlightening, Balancing and Transcending”,
San Antonio, TX: August: 12-16 2011

(1) Paper Presentation

Cinici, M.C., DAGNINO, G.B., Giudici, A. and Reinmoller, P. (2011).
“Dynamic Capabilities at a Bifurcation Point: Forging a Definition for Fostering Meaningful Conversation”

Session: Knowledge, Capabilities, and Competitive Heterogeneity
Scheduled: Tuesday, Aug 16 2011 8:00AM – 9:30AM at San Antonio Convention Center in Room 204B

The academic conversation on dynamic capabilities has experienced notable success in the last few years. Yet, it is still unclear what the construct precisely means. Building on a semiotic meta-analysis on 129 papers from 33 ISI Web of Science journals, we systematically assess the multiple dimensions that scholars ascribed to the definition of dynamic capabilities. We argue that the construct has reached a bifurcation point where further lack of common understanding will certainly jeopardize its relevance and impact. We therefore forge a combinative definition that makes up the shared meaning of dynamic capabilities to realign the academic conversation and possibly enlighten future research

(2) Session Coach

Session: Business Models and Strategic Positioning
Coach and Discussant: Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania
Scheduled: Monday, Aug 15 2011 9:45AM – 11:15AM at Hyatt Regency in Segin

Session Program

Paper 1
 What is the ‘Gestalt’ of the Business Model? A Systematic Review of an Emerging Concept
Author: Maria Wallnöfer; ETH Zurich
Author: David Johann Klang; ETH Zurich
Author: Fredrik Hacklin; ETH Zurich

Paper 2
 Does Standardisation Matter? Empirical Evidence From Franchising
Author: Christof Backhaus; Ruhr-U. Bochum
Author: Markus Blut; TU Dortmund U.
Author: Tobias Heussler; U. of Muenster
Author: David M. Woisetschlaeger; Ruhr-U. Bochum

Paper 3
 How Established Firms Differentiate Their Offering in Their Core Market
Author: Jens Schmidt; Aalto U.