The University of Catania


Established in 1434, the University of Catania – Siciliae Studium Generale – one of the oldest universities in Southern Italy and the first one in Sicily, is a 578-year-old academic institution that enrolls today more than 55,000 students; courses and seminars are given by over 1,500 professors in the 12 Schools and faculties, which the University is composed of. In 1997, the University launched the Advanced School for Excellence in Science Development, with in-house students and courses at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, masters, PhD), which is very selective and aims to forge and educate Europe’s future leaders.
The Department of Management – Dipartimento di “Impresa, Culture, Società” – of the University of Catania, established in 2000, embraces four main research and teaching areas, which constitutes its inspiring ‘scientific souls’: the Management Area, the Historical Area, the Statistics Area, and the Law Area. The Department institutionally promotes significant cross-cultural scientific interchange among its four constituting areas and the internationalization processes of faculty members and PhDs. The Department gathers more than 43 professors, 6 post-doctoral fellows, and 5 staff employees. The Department also offers a PhD Program in Business Economics & Management, which started its operations in 1990, and is today highly recognized in Italy and at the international level.

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