Strategic Management Society 2013

33rd International Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society
“Strategy and Sustainability”
Atlanta, GA: September 28-October 1 2013

(1) Preconference Workshop 

Competitive Strategy Interest Group
Junior Faculty and Paper Development Workshop

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Time: 09:15-15:45
Room: TBD

Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania
Rahul Kapoor, University of Pennsylvania

Rich BettisUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bert CannellaArizona State University 
Laura Cardinal,
 University of Houston
Anita McGahan
, University of Toronto
Marvin LiebermanUniversity of California at Los Angeles
Tammy Madsen, Santa Clara University
Margie PeterafTuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Harbir SinghUniversity of Pennsylvania


The Competitive Strategy Interest Group is offering a research focused junior faculty and paper development workshop at the 2013 Strategic Management Society meetings in Atlanta, Georgia. Although all members of the Competitive Strategy IG are invited to participate, preference will be given to junior faculty who defended their dissertations after September 2008. Interested individuals do not have to be registered to attend the 2013 SMS Annual Conference, however, non-conference attendees will only be considered if there is space remaining after conference attendees are accepted.

This workshop will include panel discussions and breakout sessions. Senior faculty panels will discuss critical aspects of the research and publication process, ways to craft a successful research program, future directions in competitive strategy research, and other questions of concern for junior faculty. A breakout session will provide opportunities for participants to discuss and receive feedback on their work in an informal setting.

PS: This session is by application and invitation

(2) Invited Panelist

Entrepreneurship and Strategy Interest Group Panel
“Strategic Entrepreneurship”
Sunday, September 29, 2013
Time: 08.00-09.15
Room: Hickory Room

Naga Lakshmi Damajaru, Indian School of Business

Featured Panelists:
Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania
Mike Hitt,  Texas A&M
David Ketchen, Auburn University
Anita McGahan, University of Toronto
Mitrabarun Sarkar, Temple University


Mike Hitt will give an overview of strategic entrepreneurship. David Ketchen will speak about strategic entrepreneurship in small businesses and Anita McGahan will speak about private-sector entrepreneurship in the interests of improving the health of the poor. MB and Giovanni will speak regarding international entrepreneurship and challenges.

(3) Paper Presentation

Absorptive Capacity and Performance: The Effect of Diversified Business Group Affiliation

Pasquale Massimo Picone, University of Catania
Naga Lakshmi Damajaru, Indian School of Business
Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania

Session: Managing the Corporate Portfolio
Tuesday, October 1  2013
Time: 15.45-17.00
Room: Cottonwood Room AB
Chair: Jerayr Haleblian, University of Georgia


Absorptive capacity develops progressively and accumulatively over time by means of the interaction with a variety of inter-organizational elements. This study explores to what extend the diversity and overlap of knowledge among affiliated firms generated by the business group’s diversification strategy impact on the firm’s absorptive capacity. Furthermore, we aim to test whether absorptive capacity represents a generative mechanism through which the diversified business group affiliation is able to influence the affiliated firms’ performance.

(4) Session Facilitator 

Session: Competition Calling
Tuesday, October 1  2013
Time: 17.15-18.30
Room: Cottonwood Room AB
Chair: Giovanni Battista Dagnino, University of Catania